Saturday, 9 January 2016

Dead Mans Hand

Wednesday saw James and I take a break from our usual WW2 gaming to give Dead Mans Hand a good testing. We had so far played one game and found it very enjoyable, so decided to play through the first act in the Dead Mans Hand rulebook. 
This was made up of three very simple scenarios that escalated from a game involving just four figures through to using a full posse each. 

Each game was very entertaining and provided quite a challenge for both players, this was even the case where the scenario seemed weighted to one side. The random card element for priority that each figure would activate meant that the games were very tense in places and gave a good Wild West feel. 

In the End James and his band of Outlaws managed to beat my Lawmen in two out of three scenes (scenarios). The highlight was a shotgun tooting outlaw blasting down two lawmen in rapid succession with the same activation. 

Next week we will be playing through the second act from the Dead Mans Hand rulebook. I will also try and take some more photos of the games. 

The Cemertary, soon to become a little larger

View down Main Street

The Sheriff gets cornered
Work on the American War of Independence project continues. Two battalions of Redcoats have now been assembled and two more to be completed shortly. Painting will start soon as well. Hopefully I can find a quick method for getting the masses painted.
Finally finished reading through the Rebellion supplement for Black Powder and this was a great read and I will be trying out a number of the scenarios once the figures are ready. 

This week I already have the Dead Mans Hand game lined up as well as a game of Epic Armageddon. I will probably be using my Eldar again as I have been enjoying learning to use them, there is also the fact that my Chaos are still not ready for action yet. 

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