Sunday, 27 December 2015

It has been a while since the last post but never fear more updates are coming...hopefully

The last few months have been quite hectic with work and taking the wife on holiday. As such the gaming and painting side of things has been squeezed in where ever a bit of spare time was found. As such the blog suffered through lack of updates.

My Eldar have graced the gaming tables twice over the last few months and actually performed quite well in some areas and awful in others (so many failed activations). One thing the Eldar have taught me is the finer points of playing Epic, they are so different to using an Ork horde.
But what of the Chaos army that I was working on? Well that is going to be getting an injection of love in the new year. I have two warhounds to work on and some more infantry and the army should be ready to try out.

Vietnam has also taken a bit of a back seat for now but will be getting additions in the new year once I can find time to make more terrain. As ever there are more VC and US forces to paint including some Hueys.

I attended the Battlegroup Barbarossa weekend at the end of October and had a lot of fun and played three great opponents. There was an interesting mix of forces from all the players, all three of my opponents fielded very different forces which was nice as made the weekend interesting. I was using a PZ III heavy list with infantry in half tracks. This seemed to work well but the lack of mortar or artillery support was noticeable in the games. I hear next years event is to be Desert. James and I are already talking about getting stuff sorted well in advance (rather than the weeks before in my case). The other nice thing is that we will be starting this in 20mm rather than our usual 15mm and then having to do a separate force for the weekend in 20mm. The main reason for this is due to not having anything for the desert so terrain and forces will have to be made from scratch so why not do 20mm.

Finally James and I have been playing some scenarios that James has come up with based around key airborne actions in Normany (well the first week or two). We have played the scenario and then swtiched sides and made some modifications to make the game either flow or have a slightly better balance.

Below are a few of the pictures that I managed to get at the Battlegroup: Barbarossa weekend.

Here are some from our 15mm Normandy games. 

So I hope to have another update shortly with plans for the new year and can show off my gang that I painted for Deadmans Hand. I have also started the AWI in 28mm so this is going to be quite a pr0ject for 2016 and it would be nice to do regular updates on it. 

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