Monday, 27 July 2015

Black Legion update

Another short update. Having made great progress on the Vietnam front (having painted around 80 Viet Cong) and having played a game of Epic Armageddon, I have decided to have a slight break from the Vietnam project and push on with my Black Legion force. 

In the picture below is a unit of Chaos Defilers shown next to a stand of Chaos Marines and a Rhino for scale purposes. 

Still trying to work out what I want to include in this force but along with the Defilers I have a unit of Chaos Predators and another Retinue along with Rhinos for both retinues to paint.
Then I will probably put the two Feral Titans together with one being quite converted.

The other question is do I go for Hell Talons or Hell Blades?

I hope to get a game in with my Ulthwe again this week at some point, learnt a fair bit from the last game and with talking with people on the excellent Taccoms site.  

Saturday, 25 July 2015

Waaaaaagh Krud Kruncher

This last week on one of the Epic Armageddon Facebook groups I belong to, there has been an army showcase. There have been some fantastic Epic armies and forces shown.
I used the opportunity to take some pictures of my 3000pt Ork force. This force was initially started well over 10 years ago but never finished and in the last six months I have taken the opportunity to redo some of the units and finish others. There are still some many stands of infantry and various other support units still to be painted for the Orks but I am going to leave it at this for the time being while I finish my Ulthwe and Chaos forces.

So here are some pictures of my Ork army. The list is Ghazgull's Warhost but I have painted them as an Evil Sunz Klan.

The whole army from an orbital perspective

Add caption



Blitz Brigade

Stompa Mob with Supa Stompa

Big Mob (Boyz)

Kult of Speed

Big Gunz Mob

Da Boss Krud Kruncher himself

With his rentinue

Da Bike Boyz

Another Stompa mob with Supa Stompa

More Fly Boyz
I hope to get some more games of Epic in over the next few weeks and hopefully will get some pictures up. I also hope to find time to paint some more of my Chaos units as I really want to give that army a try.

The Vietnam project is coming along nicely, going to get some of the scenery sprayed up today ready for painting.

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Ulthwe vs Ad Mech Defence Force - Epic Armageddon 3000 points

Finally I got to play another game of Epic Armageddon. For this game we decided that we would play a standard 3K game using the tournament scenario.

My regular opponent Neil took his Ad Mech force which had a good mix of units (don't have the list to hand I am afraid).

I took an Ulthwe force as I wanted to give the Eldar another go and also to use a different force to my Orks.

Ulthwé Craftworld (NetEA Army Compendium v20120208)
Guardian Warhost
4x Guardians
Seer Council
3x Heavy Weapon Platform
3 Support Weapon Platforms
Guardian Warhost (Mounted)
4 Wave Serpents
4x Guardians
3x Heavy Weapon Platform

Black Guardian Warhost (Mounted)
4 Wave Serpents 6x Guardians
2x Farseer

War Walker Troupe
4x War Walker
Windrider Troupe
6x Jetbike
Swords of Vaul Troupe
5x Fire Prism
Night Spinner Troupe
3 Night Spinners
Engine of Vaul Troupe
Ranger Troupe
4x Ranger
Swords of Vaul Troupe
5x Falcon
Guardian Warhost
4x Guardians
3x Heavy Weapon Platform

Phoenix Bombers

3 Phoenix Bombers
2975 pts

I am not sure that this was the best list to take for the Ulthwe force but it felt like it had a good mix of units at least.

I would post up a battle report of all the action.....except it lasted only two turns and the Eldar got walked over without really getting to do much. The Ad Mech forces blasted various formations and either broke them or dealt out so many blast makers that the formation was not that effective.
Bad dice rolls also meant that the few engagements that I was able to initiate went horribly wrong.

This was probably the harshest game of Epic Armageddon that I have played. I had expected a bit of a learning curve with the Eldar, but this was very humbling.

Not to be daunted I am going back to the drawing board with the list and will probably drop the Phoenix Bombers and some thing else to take two revenants.

I think a few of the formations could also do with being larger. But I will have to have another read of the list and various special rules. Hopefully using the Eldar with give me some experience for using my Chaos once they are finally painted.

In other hobby related news the VC have been painted and ready for a few minor details on a couple of specialist figures and final touches added to the bases.  I hope to have some pictures up by this time next week.

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Breakout from the Bridgehead

Last night I managed to get my first proper game in a while against my regular opponent.

We played Fall of the Reich (One of the Battlegroup supplements). We decided that we would use British Airborne against a scratch German force made up of mostly support Halftracks and Volks Grenadier.
Next was the scenario and we decided to try Bridgehead Breakout and work out forces to roughly 450 points a side.

For the Airborne I took pretty much most of what was painted (they are newly painted by James so good to get them on the table).

Two Platoons of infantry each with a Vickers.
Then from the Overlord book we used the points and battle rating for the Airborne HQ and Recon squad.
These were backed up by some off table 3" mortars.

 As you can see it was a fairly small force and lacked a bit of punch.

The German force was likewise based around two platoons of infantry.
HQ in a Halftrack
A Flame Halftrack
A support haltrack (cannot remember the name)
A Pz II (the fact that this was a mortar spotter caused me some issues in the first two turns).
An Infantry gun was also taken.
Some additional morale (rolled a 1 for this)
Finally support arrived in the form of 120mm mortars (off table).

The infantry

The support
The battle rating for  the Paras was 39
The Germans was a lower 28

For objective we had the bridge (as per the scenario), The farmhouse in the center of the table and the industrial building along the main road running from the bridge. We felt that these should create some interesting situations and challenges (rather than just placing markers somewhere on the table).

The table

When I use the term "bridge" I mean Ford

The Germans only started with the Pz II on the table where as the Paras managed to start with five units on the table. The recon squad was backed up with a Piat team behind the hill while another squad along with a Piat team and a platoon command deployed into the woods ready to advance to the farm house and secure the objective there.

 The first turn saw the Para infantry squad try and advance only to get pinned by mortar fire called in from the PII (a Recon command vehicle so had Mortar spotter).

 The Paras and a Piat team make it to the farm house. Securing the objective. However support would not be coming anytime soon.

The Germans come on boldly across the fields having seized the industrial building and make a push for the farm house.

 The Flame Halftrack burns out both the Piat team and the squad. Leaving the farm house open for the taking.

 The paras manage to get across the ford, only to be stopped in the woods and corn stubble. The orders being poor (on average 6-7 a turn) meant the Paras could not get the impetus needed to make a push on the farm house.

 Salvation in the form of air support. Karma played a role as we only had a Hurricane to use as a Typhoon. This proceeded to miss with all rockets and cannon fire over the next few turns.

With the Germans in control of two out of three objectives and the Paras pinned around the ford, it was time to concede the field and fall back. The paras strength has really been sapped in the battle for the farm house. Some unlucky order rolls and an aweful lot of failed morale checks leading to pinned or retreating units meant the Paras just could not muster the strength to recapture the farm house.
The Germans on the other had got quite lucky with a few vital order rolls and Beyond the Call of Duty morale rolls. The German losses were actually quite light and they had mustered in strength around the fields and farm house.

The game was a lot of fun in the early turns when, both sides made use of the Reserve move order, leading to plenty of Reserve fire orders. It was really difficult to get the Paras moving once the attack had stalled and lacking any long range threat to the half tracks (other than pinning them) forced the paras on to the defence.