Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Some photos from various Epic Armageddon Games

Now that I finally have a fully working laptop I thought that I would post up some pictures of the games we have been playing. The last game that was played I unfortunately forgot to take pictures.

The last game pitted my Orks against my friends Skitarii list. We played 3K points and it produced quite a good game and fairly close until the end of turn 3 where my friend failed two very crucial orders.
The end result was a victory for the Orks but I can say that the Skitarii pack a punch and have some very nasty kit at their disposal.

So on with the pictures from a variety of games that have been played over the last month or so. The games have all been 3K in points and pitted my Orks against Neil's Space Marines.

So this is just a few of the pictures. Hope to have some more up soon of my work in progress Chaos and also my Vietnam project and as ever even more WW2 figures that need painting. 

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Another Period/Game System

I went to the Cavalier show today. It is one of my favorite shows as there are always some great games to see, some good traders and it is also not a huge show.

So what did I see there. Two games really caught my attention and both are on y to do list.
The first was a wild west gunfilght with some amazing MDF terrain (really suite this theme). The second was a Vietnam game that I had seen before at SELWG. Vietnam is a period and conflict that I have wanted to do for a while. The game just looked amazing and the rules got a really good review from the club putting the game on.

This resulted in a walkn to the Peter Pig stand and the purchase of some VC and US Infantry, enough to here started. Also lead to the purchase of the main rule book.
Aside from that I managed to pick up a few good books on various Normandy related subjects for my interest in Battlefield touring.

So all in all a good show although it didn't feel as busy as previous years.