Monday, 30 March 2015

The last week

Last week may not have been the most productive week for hobby related activity but it did see me push on with my Vietnam project. As you can see the 'spray tray' was loaded up with the VC and also an objective marker for Epic Armageddon. The black primer not being as much of a basecoat as I had wanted. Instead I settled for a very dark Brown by Vallejo (cannot remember the name right now) followed by a drybrush of Stormvermin Fur. 

I was also lucky to get another game of Epic Armageddon in against my regular opponent. He took his Blood Angels and I used my tried and tested Ork list. I think the list I use has a fair few flaws in it but it is 100% painted now (the final coat of paint going onto the Kult of Speed that is unfinished in the picture below after this game). Both Armies were 3000pts
This was my first game against the Blood Angels list and it was quite short and Brutal with the Orks managing to snatch a victory through one of the 'Big Warbands' claiming two objectives.

As ever once the game got going I forgot to take pictures. Certainly a sign of an engrossing game and Epic really can be a thinking game and produce real nail biting finishes. The game taught me not to bunch formations to tightly (even when there are no templates in the opposing list) as the intermingled formation rule can really throw a spanner into the works.  It was also the first game where the Kult of Speed made up of Buggies and Skorchas not only survived the game but also played an active part (normally they get blasted and spend the rest of the game broken).

The final event of last week was getting my hands on the Necron codex. Now I haven't played 40K in around 10 or so months and decided on a whim that the codex could be worth the investment as I have a fully painted Necron Army. Only draw back is I now need to reread the main rulebook and work out how to pick an army. 
One very quick criticism of the Codex is the colour section. One of the feature armies hasn't been finished and the silver from the dry brushing is still visible on the Scarab bases (photo from base height so very noticeable). More on the codex another time. 

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Some further reading and ideas

St Patricks day and there is a flash sale on at Lard Island. Who I am to turn down an opportunity to pick up some supplements at a discount.

I have picked up 'Surfs Up' for 'Charlie Don't Surf'. I figured this would be good for scenarios and some further reading on the subject. first impressions don't disappoint and I can see myself and my gaming group getting some use out of this.

The other supplement that I have picked up is 'Kampfgruppe Von Luck', while I don't play 'Chain of Command' I really like the idea of these supplements and they provide some inspiration for games of Battlegroup (even if the forces are on the small side). The other reason for picking these up is to do some research on supplements and what is available. Like 'Surfs Up' KGVon Luck doesn't disappoint and has plenty of background information before getting to the actual campaign rules.

Having finished my US infantry for Vietnam, I have pushed on and got the Volksturm painted and just got to finish the bases.
Next is to get some Chaos Rhinos painted for Epic and get some of my other Chaos units put together. Then it is time to push on with getting the VC painted up.

Saturday, 14 March 2015

Vietnam in 15mm

This week I managed to stay and finish painting my Americans for Charlie don't Surf. The figures are by Peter Pig and was a joy to paint. A good level of detail and good poses.

Just need to paint some officers and get the VC painted. This should get done in the next week or so. Then i hope to expand the collection a bit at Salute.

Monday, 9 March 2015

D-Day Adventures

I spent the weekend visiting sites related to the American sector of the D-Day landings including going inland to a number of the Airborne sites and actions around Carentan.

While near to Omaha beach we managed to find a way up to WN60 which was very worth the trek to the top.
Bunkers and crawl trenches are still there and you can spend a good few hours exploring these and the views from the top.

Pointe du Hoc was also worth a visit to see the power of Naval and Air bombardment.

Overall it was a great trip and plenty of ideas for the scenario book.

Pictures to come once I have had a chance to download them from my camera.

In the meantime I have made a start on my GIs for Charlie Don't Surf. They should be finished in the next few days and then it is on to the VC.