Thursday, 8 October 2015

Quick update

The other week saw myself and a bunch of fellow gamers embark on yet another trip to the Normandy battlefields.
This time we focused on the British experience of D-Day and the fighting just behind the beaches (mainly D-day to D +7).
We finished with a trip to Villers Bocage to look at Wittman's and the later action around that now famous village. The final stop being at Hill 112 (another wargamers favourite but so often doesn't resemble the actual terrain or forces). Very interesting to be up there again and there is so much shrapnel still in the fields (bits of it had been placed on or next to the new Infantry memorial at the top of 112.

So here are a few pictures and I hope to have a bit more detail up in the next few days.

The original Pegasus Bridge

The memorial to the Infantry at the top of Hill 112.

The view looking north from Strongpoint Hillman. The coast is in the distance.
The view from the Hillman strongpoint showed why this was such a vital D-Day objective. The action here is also really interesting to follow.

On another note I have finished painting some more scenery and also some more for my Epic Chaos forces.

Sunday should be fun as SELWG has once again come around and I always enjoy this wargames show. More Vietnam stuff to pick up and may make a start on the Wild West terrain if there are any 4Ground products are there.