Thursday, 4 December 2014

First of Many

So this is my first post for a new blog around my adventures in wargaming.
I have been wargaming for nearly 20 years. Starting off with a few models then getting into Wahammer 40,000: Second Edition. Gradually I played more and more of Games Workshop games becoming for want of a better term, an addict.

I managed to find a wargaming club that was primarily into historical gaming and as I had always had in interest in history this suited me perfectly.
These days I mostly play World War Two wargames, though have mountains of metal and plastic for all different periods in all different a typical wargamer in that respect.

Why start a blog?
Well the simple answer is to getting me writing on a more frequent basis without the need to go away and carry out a lot of research (something that hinders me with my other blog). Also To pass on some thoughts, observations and battle reports of games I play or figures that I paint.

So what is my game of choice at the moment?
It would be the Battlegroup series of games. Mainly using the Battlegroup Overlord book for weekly games. My friend and I are about to start a campaign based around the attempt to take Carentan in early June 1944.