Sunday, 5 June 2016

Its been a busy and hectic few months

Lack of updates as real life has gotten in the way. I hope to be able to update this blog a bit more frequently.

I have started work finally on my 30K Word Bearers force for the Horus Heresy. Completed one Tactical Marine as a test for the colour scheme. The scheme is quite interesting as it involves using a clear red over a metallic base coat. I am quite please with how the test figure came out and will post a picture in the next update. I have the rest of the 15 man squad ready to get started once the painting queue has shortened. Then I have a squad of Ashen Circle to paint which should be quite fun.

I managed to buy a new airbrush primarily for the Word Bearers but also for a bit more detail work ( with plenty of practice).

I am currently building and paining a British force for Battlegroup Overlord. There is a campaign weekend coming up at the wargames show in Bovington. This is at the beginning of July so I have lots to assemble and lots to get painted but hopefully the airbrush should speed things up a little. Just need to source some decals for the vehicles.

Big box of toys ready to assemble

 While out in London last weekend with a group of friends we made a stop at Darksphere games where I picked up this game in a moment of weakness and impulse. The models in the box are very nice and I am looking forward to finding time to paint them. I will most likely start with the Dwarf Slayer as a friend is going to be running a campaign using the experience from the original Warhammer Quest. Unfortunately somebody has already claimed the Elf spellcaster slot for our group of adventurers.  The future looks bright for playing Silver Tower in our group at least with talk of regular Thursday gaming taking place.

Impulse buy

More to come in the week hopefully as I get some paint applied to my British.

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