Monday, 4 February 2019

Has it really been that long?

New year new you......

I have been distracted by social media the last year or so. As a platform for hobby content it has grown from strength to strength and is so easy to upload content to.

Around Christmas time I made a vow to update my blog a bit more frequently and to try and use it as a record of my hobby out put throughout the year. January really did not get off to a good start, but here we are in February and here is the first new post in quite a while.

So what is the plan for the coming year?

Top of the list is the Bloodbowl league that I am running. Throughout January I managed to get my team the Altdorf Gentrifiers painted up ready for the start of the league last week.

The starting line up for the Altdorf Gentrifiers

My Skaven team got off to a great start in the league and managed to lose their opening game 3-0 and have a thrower killed at the same time. This was against a human team as well!
Still at least one of my Blitzers has gone up by a point of Agility and I learnt a lot from this first game.

I also plan to get a couple more titans painted for my Adeptus Titanicus Battlegroup, I have done Legio Ignatum and so far painted a Warlord, Reaver and a pair of Warhounds. Plenty more to get on with.

These will go alongside my Epic 30K White Scars force. More on these in a future blog post.
Also more views of my titans on my Twitter: @chellicar and Instagram: b.ellicar

The other "big" project is to write a campaign for both Napoleon in Italy with my friend and use this system as a spring board for a campaign for an American Civil War Campaign.

So hopefully should be updating with a blog post once a week.

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